Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry Its Been A While

There's so much to share!!  These are the turkeys that my cuties made the day before Thanksgiving.  I just barely got the bulletin board up though because it took forever to get them laminated.  We recently got a new copy aide and its taking her MUCH longer than anticipated to get used to everything she had to do.  But a week later than planned we finally got them back and put them up.  Here's some pics:

I'm so impressed with how quickly they picked everything up!  Don't these look incredible??

Also, today I spent most of the afternoon rearranging things in my room.  Here's the finished product.  I'm excited to hear the kids talk about it as they walk in on Monday morning.

Now for some adorable stories!

Our book reports are due this Monday and today I wanted to do a sample report for them so they could see what kinds of things I was expecting.  It was so stinkin' fun and the kids loved it.  We just finished Harry Potter 1 as our Read-Aloud book and so this morning I dressed in black pants & a button up shirt and right before I started I pulled my hair back into a bun and put my glasses down on the crook of my nose.  I started talking in a British accent and the kids burst out laughing.  Oh my goodness.  They thought it was hilarious and begged me to talk like that forever!!  :)  So much fun.

Yesterday was our Christmas Choir program at a school-wide assembly.  I played for the Choir and afterward I found that I was pretty much a star to them.  After school, I was outside for bus duty (making sure the kids get off school grounds safely) and I had kid after kid saying "HI MISS WISER!!"  Half the time I had no idea who they were.  It was nice to see that so many kids looked up to me and they were all so impressed that I could play the piano.  Oh and I didn't get to sit with my class during the assembly but I'm proud to say that they were FANTASTIC and sat quietly listening to the whole thing.  I'm so incredibly proud.

We have one boy in our class that is moving over the break.  His family's house they were renting got foreclosed on so they are moving out pretty quickly.  He's the most adorable kid and is probably one of my favorites!  Well, needless to say, he's been kinda bummed about moving and the other day for our journal entry I asked: "What if there were no Winter Break?"  Two of the students shared with the class that they would be happy because then Brady wouldn't have to move.  Then that afternoon, Brady asked me if I could fill out this page for his "memory" book.  I agreed to do it after school so he left it out on my desk.  When I finally got to it he had written questions like, "Are you happy/sad that I'm moving?" "What is your fav't holiday?" "What's your fav't restaurant?" Just silly little things but it was sweet.  And then yesterday I found this note on my desk and I just about cried in front of all my kids.  This just breaks my heart!!!!!!  I'm gonna miss this kid SOOO much :(

And last but not least, I can't tell you how incredible it is to work with so many children everyday, especially at this time of year.  The last song we sang at the Choir assembly was "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and the whole school was asked to sing with us.  I caught myself tearing up as they all cheerfully, enthusiastically, and genuinely sang the words "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  The feeling in that room was too brilliant for words.  They truly are children of God and have such a sweet, pure spirit.  I'm truly blessed to have them around me to help remind me of why I chose to teach and what the true meaning and spirit of Christmas should be.

Merry Christmas!!!!