Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Good Days With The Bad.....In One Day

Had an incredibly wonderful "I love my job" moment this morning and a not so incredible "this is what I hate about my job" moment this afternoon.

Good:  I had the first of my required observations this first thing this morning and my class worked nearly perfectly for an entire hour.  Pretty sure I didn't have to reprimand or remind a single child of proper classroom behavior or to get back to work.  They were FANTASTIC!!!

Bad:  Made a girl cry.  :(  Gave a spelling retest today and caught one of my little third graders cheating.  She said that her parents had promised to take her for ice cream if she got 100%. There were two words that were pretty tricky and she had written them on the back of her hand during the test.  I told her I couldn't regrade her test because she'd cheated despite her claims that it was an "accident" the words were written on her hand.  When she begged me to retake it a 2nd time I told her no.  We are only allowed to retake it once.

Does that make me a mean teacher?  Maybe, but I would bet she will think again before cheating.  She cried for the next ten minutes and I had several of my kids come tell me, very worriedly, "she's crying and I can't figure out what's wrong!"  Glad I have such thoughtful students but I had to tell them I knew why and to just leave her be for a while.