Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some New Pictures

Hey Mom, here's a closeup of the cabinet doors in the back of the room.  Each bee has a letter of the alphabet and I'm working on making word cards to hang up that have the vocab for Math, Science, Social Studies, and a few other things. 

This last week, we learned about graphs and we made bar graphs in groups.  Here's one of the groups' graphs.  They did so well, and it really helped me to know how they are understanding the lessons.  :)

This is the 'Missing Work' thing I was talking about in my last post.  In this crate, I will have file folders with various assignments that we have completed.  In the folder, there will be a couple extra copies of the worksheet so that if any student is missing that assignment and can't find their copy, they can grab a new one and work on that.  I also made a poster with the title "Missing Work" that is being laminated.  I'll hang this on an extra cupboard in the back of the room so that when I know that certain students haven't turned something in, I can write the assignment name and their name on the poster.  That way they don't always have to ask me if they have already turned something in. They can just check the chart.  I'm excited about this and I sure hope it works!
(Oh and the Cursive Worksheets are worksheets that they will complete on their own time sometime before the end of the year.  There's a couple of them but I won't be teaching them how to do cursive, they should already know how to do that.  This is just to help them practice.)
 And finally, my artwork wall!  :)  A few of those papers are mine to help me remember rotation schedules and then there's the job chart, but the rest of that is all from my students!!  :)

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  1. Dear Miss Wiser... You ARE the best teacher! And you having physical proof on your wall. I'm loving this art wall!