Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summertime and my LONG Book List!

It has been so nice this last week to get away and visit with family.  I've truly enjoyed my little vacation.  I stopped by the Clutter-Free Classroom blog the other day and read about their Summer Reading Contest.  I've already started on a lot of my fun reads for the summer.  I've got such a long list of books that my little 4th graders wanted me to read so I had to get started right away.  Just yesterday I finished the Percy Jackson Series and I LOVED it (yes - I have only been out of school for a week and have finished all 5 books)!  So much adventure with a little mystery thrown in.  My guilty reading pleasure is definitely children's fiction!  I can't get enough of it (definitely still a little kid at heart).  Here's a few more books that are on my to-do list this summer:

1.  "Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins (my roommate and two students have been after me about reading these)
2. "Lockdown" by Traci Hunter Abramson
3. "Inkheart" Series by Cornelia Funke
4. "Fablehaven" series by Brandon Mull
5. "The Beyonders" by Brandon Mull
6. "Uglies" by Scott Westerfield
7. "Miles To Go" by Richard Paul Evans
8. "39 Clues" Series
9. "Seven Daughters and Seven Sons" by Barbara Cohen
10. "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" by Elizabeth George Spear

These are just the beginning....And as far as professional development goes, I'd also like to look into "Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product" by Gail Tompkins.  Hopefully this will help me get some ideas to strengthen my writing for next year!

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  1. I loved the Hunger Games series! It was very well written. And I even enjoyed the movie.
    Great list of books to read - will have to check them out.