Saturday, October 8, 2011

Best Moment So Far

Here's picture of me from this last week before the kids came that morning.  :)

As you may have noticed, I am absolutely loving every minute of this school year.  The best moment so far happened just yesterday and I want to share it all with you.  Right after lunch every day, I read aloud a book to the class.  Sometimes I wonder how much they are actually listening as they draw and whisper to their neighbors (even though they're not supposed to).  Well, yesterday we were finishing this silly little book called "Everything On A Waffle" and in the second to last chapter one of the characters dies and the way it was written, it didn't actually come out and SAY that she died, it just hinted at it.  So when I read that, I all of a sudden noticed that it was SILENT.  So silent that you could hear a pin drop.  And then when I finished that chapter, they begged me to keep reading.  I decided to give in because we get out early on Fridays anyway so there's not really any time after lunch to do anything productive. So I read the last chapter as well.  I love moments like that.  BUT that's still not the best part.  As I was reading, there was one student that was drawing and then wrapped them all up in another piece of paper, taped it and gave it to me.  I didn't get a chance to look at it until after they left for the day but when I read it I laughed & smiled SOOOO MUCH!!  (I'll be posting a picture as soon as I can get my other computer going...I can't find my camera cord to hook up to my Mac so I have to put the SD card in my HP which is currently being stubborn).

The note said:

"(Eye) <3 U!  and school"

Sweet, adorable, little Brady had drawn at least 5 of the "(eye) <3 u!" notes for me and included them in the wrapped up paper.  It was so stinkin' cute!  The only thing that makes it not so cute is that he's one of my favorite kids in the class, and he told me the other day that he will probably be moving in January!!  :(  I'm so sad!

Anyway, just wanted to share that little day-brightening moment with all of you.  Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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  1. I love this picture of you. Will you send it to me in all it's pixel glory?