Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Its Been a While

Sorry it's been so long folks!  School's kept me pretty busy the last couple weeks.  It's finally starting to even out a little bit (at least it seems that way).  Yesterday I felt like I was truly productive because I got so much grading done before I left school.  It felt so good and then I got to work on some extra stuff that I've put off for a few weeks.  So yesterday was a great day.

I was talking to Mom the other day and told her this but I'd like to share it with the rest of you.  I think I'm doing something right because my kids took the Block 1 Math test about two weeks ago and MOST of them passed!  I wasn't terribly surprised about the ones that didn't pass but they did better than I thought they might. So yay!!  And today we're reviewing for the next math unit test so hopefully they'll do well on that one too.  :)  We'll see!

My kids have been going a little stir crazy the last few weeks and today's not helping.  It's pretty stormy outside so they are inside for recess today and let me tell you, its a little crazy in here.  But oh so much fun :)  I love my kids so much!

Here's a little something that my kids made for a Sept. 11th memorial.  We watched a video about it and then had a discussion for about 20 minutes.  It was weird for me to realize that none of them were even alive when it happened.  They asked what it was like for me and how I remember what happened and it made me think that my kids look to me for memories of 9/11 like I look to grandparents for WW2 & the Korean War.  That was the weirdest thought for me.  Anyway, after our discussion I taught them how to make stars out of folded paper (directions were found by my roommate online) and we wrote ways that we can remember those who died.  It was quite an emotional day but since then my kids never let me forget to say the Pledge as a way of remembering.  Here's the bulletin board we made with our stars:

Also, today I received the sheet music for the songs our school choir will be singing for December.  I'm excited to start playing through those (and hopefully not annoying the heck out of my roomies!) and start that choir.

Life is going great here and I'm still loving every minute of my job.  Still waiting for it to sink in though, that I'm actually a teacher.  Hope you're all doing great as well!!!  Love & miss you all.

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  1. I love you. You are a wonderful teacher... it is your 'calling' in life. :-) Thanks for sharing your 9/11 reflections. It is an amazing thought that you are passing down history to the next generation. It made me think of the Book of Mormon. How lost we would be without their efforts to preserve and pass down God's word. Then the thought-train led me to our current prophet and apostles.... and Sunday School teachers, etc. Aren't they (we) doing the same? It's the circle of life. :-)