Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back To School Night

Well, the last couple days have be quite busy but this has been quite rewarding tonight.  The last two days we have had morning meetings at our school from 8-12 and then had team and individual planning time for the rest of the day.  Tonight we had Back to School Night and got to meet parents and students.  Today's individual time I spent finishing up decorations, labeling supplies, and putting things in students' desks.  I also had to shove a couple things under my desk :)  At 7, all teachers, parents, and students met in the gym and our principal introduced all the teachers.  Then we went back to our rooms while the PTA talked with the parents for a few more minutes.  Then the parents and students went to their various classrooms.  We had to give a 20 minute presentation about our rules, procedures, and such to the group and hand out our class packet.  Then for those parents that had more than one student at our school, we did another 20 minutes presentation for a 2nd group.  I had almost all of my students come tonight (all but 5) and they seem like a great bunch!

Fun story for all of you...
...One of my kids asked this before the 1st group:
Jake:  Because you're new, are you going to be mean?  And are you going to have a break down in the middle of the year?
Me:  *after a pause of shock*  Well, do you think I'm mean?
Jake:  You never know because I had a teacher in 2nd grade that had a melt down in the middle of the year because our class was so bad.
Me:  Well, if we have a great class, I won't have a break down I hope!
Jake:  Me too!

Hahaha :)  This is gonna be a great year!

Tomorrow's agenda is just meetings from 8-10 and then team/individual planning for the rest of the day.  The new school year is almost here!

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