Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, and a few other things....

I forgot to tell you all a few things:  (Well, Nicole you may have already heard them)

1.  Yesterday, I finally got my username and password for my student access site.  This is what I will use to keep track of their grades, make seating charts, take attendance, and a few other things.  Yay!
2.  I've limited the access on this blog to only those that I've invited.  If you'd like to share this blog with others, please ask first.  As a teacher, I have to be very careful about the things I say about my students and especially WHERE I say it.  So I had to make this blog extremely private just as a precaution.  But I wanted all of you to see it and I wanted to be able to share all my adventures with you on a regular basis (I hope :P).

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