Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Training!!

So today I had my first day of training with the district!  :)  We spent the morning talking about the curriculum, what subjects we have to teach, and various resources to help us teach it.  Then we had more meetings in the afternoon learning about specific requirements that are associated with our first year of teaching and a few other general district resources that are available to us.  Overall it was a great day, but it got kinda long and boring by the end.  I went with two of my new roommates who are also starting next week and we met up with a few other interns and two others new teachers at my school.  It was great to be able to know a few people there and talk through things afterward.

After training, Jessica (my roommate who is also working at my same school) and I went over to our facilitator's house for some help and advice about getting all our plans ready for the first week.  Pretty much a good and productive day.

Tomorrow I'm planning on spending most of the day at the school setting things up and finishing up plans. And three of my teachers from BYU have offered to give me about three hours of time to help set my classroom up and finalize some plans.  Then there's more training Wed and Thurs morning, followed by more planning time, Back to School night and then Friday is all planning time.  It'll be a busy week!

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